Terre Haute Symphony Orchestra brings great entertainment with 'The King: The Music of Elvis'

Monday, March 14, 2016

On March 5, the Terre Haute Symphony Orchestra hosted an eclectic group of four gentlemen performers who brought something new to an old, familiar sound: the music of Elvis Presley. The evening performance of “The King: The Music of Elvis” was backed by the orchestra and featured a variety of songs from the famed performer to make for an all-around fun and unique night out for guests.

Elvis always had a dream to perform with a symphony. This concert was a sort of tribute to that dream. The show did not feature an Elvis impersonator or flashy costumes with gyrating hip movements. Instead, it was a kind of a Jersey Boys show in which the performers sang the repertoires in a sophisticated, big show manner. The show consisted of four Broadway and cabaret singers, including the pianist, with a drummer accompanied by the orchestra — which included only 30 of the string players, less than usual to be balanced with the electric instruments needed for the performance. The combination of sound made for a very versatile ensemble....

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